Tribute: To the school gear of 2012

Hello! Well we made it back in one piece from our exciting cruise advernture to NZ – 2 weeks of awesomeness which none of us will ever forget.

Going back to work this week was a shock, mainly because I was required to do more than shuttle idly between the buffet and the pool while the boys terrorised the lovely Canadian girls running the kids club…

But with only just under 2 weeks until school starts there is no more time to bask in the glow of holiday memories.

For today I had to commence my “Annual School Gear Audit”.


In my house this always happens in mid to late January. I round up all the lunch boxes, drink bottles, jumpers, swimming gear, library bags and a myriad of other associated crap and see what’s there, what’s missing and what needs to be replaced.

And what a sorry collection it is – not only greatly reduced in items but those remaining are in pretty sorry condition. They all started out this time last year with such high hopes that I think its only fair that we recognise their their valiant efforts.

So here it is – my tribute to the school gear that served my boys Jack 9, and Oscar 8, throughout 2012

The Fallen – those who never returned

School pullover and jacket – Jack

1 x entire swimming bag including togs, towel, swimming cap and goggles – Oscar

3 x lunch boxes – Oscar again

1 x headphones – Jack

Special mention must also go to the 95th Drink Bottle Battalion.

It pains me to report that there have been no survivors from the 2012 corp – all have been lost. In fact this brave outfit fought on several fronts, getting lost not only at school but at rugby games and picnics as well. They will this year be replaced by the 96th Drink Bottle Batallion – let’s wish them better luck than those that went before!

NOTE: This is not our lunch box. Our's never look this clean & shiny.

NOTE: This is not our lunch box. Our’s never look this clean & shiny.

The Wounded those who suffered but have lived to fight again…

* Jack’s school bag – the zips are dodgy but we reckon it will last another year

* School shirts – multiple from both Jack and Oscar. Any shirt with paint stains smaller than a 5 cent piece have been deemed suitable for another year of active duty.

Honourable Discharges those who have served over several school campaigns and have earned retirement for various reasons…

* Oscar’s school hat – due to a nasty combination of sweat and humidity poor Oscar’s hat developed a terminal case of mould over the holidays has been officially put out to pasture. May God have mercy on it’s soul.

So well done to the school gear of 2012 – we asked a lot of you and you delivered. And to the 2013 school gear? Well if you’re really lucky I’ll see some of you again this time in 2014!