Fridays on my mind

Well it’s Friday folks, but before you relax and take another sip of that latte there’s something important you need to know…

THIS is no ordinary Friday.

Oh no my friends, because THIS Friday marks the start of something new.

I’ve been thinking for a while the average Friday is perfectly pleasant, it could do with a little improvement.

A little pizazz.

A little… inappropriate, really!

The answer to this dilemma had eluded me until last week when I happened to be driving in an area of Brisbane I was unfamiliar with.

I guess this must have made me more aware of my surroundings than I usually am, because suddenly inappropriate things started jumping out at me from EVERYWHERE!

Shop names, signs, number plates, car stickers – all gloriously and wonderfully bizarre. It was then that I knew EXACTLY what Friday’s needed to achieve their true potential.

So without further ado I’d like to introduce you to the solution…

What the Fuck Friday-2

What exactly is “What the f#%? Friday”?

A celebration of the inappropriate, the ridiculous and the just plain bonkers! This is going to be a regular post (hopefully) and I’d like as many of you to join in as possible.

You see it every where – questionable numberplates, suburb names that suggest the locals are always high, translations into English that have gone terribly wrong, weird vegetables, strange knick-knacks. The list is endless.

Basically if you see anything, ANYTHING that makes you stop for a second and go “What the F#%?” then that’s what we’re after. If it makes you piss yourself laughing, even better.

Why Friday…?

Everyone likes a bit of distraction at the end of the week! Shockingly, there are some employees out there that actually use the fact that it’s Friday to do less work than usual.

Although not me obviously…

Also I’d like to do a shout out to any colleagues of mine who may be reading this.

The best colleagues a girl could… aahh who am I kidding? They work with me day in day out – they are better placed than anyone to know exactly what I’m like, and no amount of disclaimers will convince them otherwise!

(besides… those in glass houses etc.)

OK I’m in! How do I get started?

1. Always be on the look out for the “random” in the world. Think you won’t find any? Believe me once you start looking that shit is every-where!

2. Take a quick snap on your smart-device *See the helpful diagram above for technique 😉

3. Post that pic on The Very Inappropriate Blog Facebook Page ASAP!

No passing GO or collecting $200 you hear?

NOTE: If you’re in a shop or there are people around be polite and be respectful with your photo-taking. We are having a bit of fun but we certainly don’t want to be assholes!

Ok so now you know what to do I want to see all the bizarre shit YOU can find on your travels!

In the meantime here are a few of my recent favourites…

This is the pic responsible for my Friday epiphany!

This is the pic responsible for my Friday epiphany!

Nope not even a little bit

Nope not even a little bit

It never ceases to amaze me what people will put on number plates.

It never ceases to amaze me what people will put on number plates.

Happy Friday peeps!