Well I started this blog in December 2012 and it’s March now and I’ve only just gotten around to doing the “about” page. This fact alone says quite a lot about me! If something’s a bit hard then why not put that fucker off for as long as possible?

Why did I start this blog?

To make this part a bit more interesting I think we’ll borrow from Letterman and do it as a “Top 10 Reasons…” thing. Except there are only 5 so you’ll have to imagine the rest. Hey I shouldn’t have to do all the work around here should I?

Rachel’s Top 5 Reasons for Starting a Blog…

1. I like freedom
I am a mum with a three boys, two step children,full time job. This means there are a lot of tasks and responsibilites that MUST be attended to – no ifs, buts or room for negotiation. So this space is like a playground for me because I can come here and do what ever the fuck I like. It’s AWESOME.

(NOTE: I also have a relationship with a very special, patient and sexy man. If only he would stop leaving wet towels on the bed he would be perfect!)

2. I like to tell stories.
I always have since I was a kid. They get stuck in my head and bother me at inappropriate moments, so again this is a place where I can let them all run free and boy do they appreciate it!

3. I like pictures.
Sometimes that stories in my head have pictures running around with them. Hey it can get quite busy in there at times! The cartoon-like images you’ll see from time to time I have created myself in Powerpoint. I make them out of 1 zillion auto-shapes all layered on top of each other because I don’t own any graphic design software and wouldn’t know how to use it if I did.

4. I like to laugh.
This is where the “inappropriate” in the title comes from. It’s not really that much to do with content, it’s often more to do with timing and situations. People who take themselves too seriously really set me off, as do situations at work that aren’t really life-threatening but where everyone’s like”ZOMG what are we going to DO about these figures”. I guess it’s probably easiest to say that I’m the person sitting across from you in meetings doing subtle cross-eyes at you or doing sneaky blow-job gestures while the CEO is speaking.

5. I like to write
I’m lucky enough to get to do some writing as part of my job but obviously the kicker is that I have to stick to key messages, corporate blah blah etc. etc. This place allows me to write creatively so I don’t try to use zombies to teach key messages to the staff of a major retailer. I will write a post about that one day which will probably add some sense to that statement, but until I do just roll with it please!

Anyway that’s ENOUGH about me already. What I really want to do is get to know you! So if you’ve found you’re way here drop me a word or two in the omments section, or email me at theviblog@outlook.com. You’ll be glad you did đŸ™‚

Do you like my alter ego Ms Bad-ass?

Do you like my alter ego Ms Bad-ass?

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