These are a few of my favourite things

Welcome loungers! This week’s theme is “These are a few of my favourite things…” so link up your post here…

Your favourite things are the unwritten story of your life.

Pick any age, stage or phase and look at the things you valued and cherished at that time.

They will tell the story of you – the world you were living in, the people who influenced you, your dreams, hopes and passions. They can take you back to a moment in time more effectively than any time-machine.

For example when I was 12 my favourite things in the whole world were my Anne of Green Gables books, closely followed by netball and rollerskating.

Oh Anne - you made me so happy!  And is it wrong that I still kind of have a crush on Gilbert Blythe?

Oh Anne – you made me so happy!
And is it wrong that I still kind of have a crush on Gilbert Blythe?

By the time I was 15 these had been replaced by Nirvana, black eyeliner and rum & coke.

The point of this (rather worrying) comparison is your favourite things will change as often as you do.

So what does a 36 year old mother of three, worker bee and ruler of “man-land” consider to be her favourite things?

In the past my favourite things have included travel, shopping, eating out, foreign films and holding dinner parties where I make everything from scratch.

But since these days I’m often house-bound, frequently exhausted and only have a fraction of my pre-kids disposable income to work with, I’ve had to get creative.

I’ve learned to find happiness in the little things letting them nourish my soul.

I’ve learned to count my blessings and be grateful 365 days a year…

Oh fuck, who am I kidding?

Here’s a list of things that have/or do stop me losing my shit entirely and give me the occasional shot of pure happiness I need to get me through the day…

1. The exquisite guilt of found chocolate
Ok so you’re rooting around in the pantry cupboard looking for a rogue packet of cous-cous, or maybe trying to find the source of the colony of ants that has seized control of one of your shelves.

Suddenly you find IT. Now IT could be a lonely Freddo that got left over from a party bag. Or if you’re really lucky it’s a whole packet of smarties bought to decorate a birthday cake but long since forgotten.

Whatever. The point is at this moment that chocolate is YOURS, and yours alone. And the second you step outside the pantry that chocolate becomes community property to be shared with the entire household.

To get the full value out of this favourite thing you must now follow my instructions to the letter…

i) Very quietly take one step backwards into the pantry
ii) Pull the pantry door towards you – enough so that it will look completely shut form the outside.
iii) Open the chocolate packet/wrapper, keeping all rustling noises to an absolute minimum
iv) Scoff the bloody lot before the inevitable cry for “Muuuuuum” is heard once they realise thet haven’t seen you for 5 minutes

The guilty pleasure of finding chocolate and not sharing!

The guilty pleasure of finding chocolate and not sharing!

2.The unbridled elation of finding there is actually MORE money in your bank account than you anticipated

Now this is a rare pleasure indeed! Usually when I fire up internet bank to see how get an update on the state of our finances I am ever so slightly disappointed.

There always seems to be slightly less than I thought there would be. Not by much – maybe $100 at the most that is obviously made up of all the take-away coffees, stuff for the boys and other “treats”I don’t factor in to my calculations.

But every now and then thanks to some accidental frugality or random calcuation by Family Assistance, we’ll be a couple of hundred bucks ahead of where we should be.

Now you can bask in the glow of your financial responsibility for at least a few minutes before you get all “Momma needs a new dress” and head out to the nearest Westfield.

3. The delicious comfort of putting on your daggiest pair of shorts

Everyone has them. Daggy shorts are the “Old Faithfuls” of your weekend wardrobe. Destined never to be worn outside the house they have seen you through the hard yards of the house-work, gardening, painting and all manner of home improvements.

And when you sit down with a restorative beverage at the end of the day they give in all the right places, just liken an old friend. Aaah the sweet relief of their worn fabric and accommodating waistband!

The daggy shorts.  I couldn't live without them, could you?

The daggy shorts. I couldn’t live without them, could you?

4. The the brilliant flash of hope the first time your baby sleeps through the night

You’re trudging along through the exhausted fog of new motherhood. You love being a Mum/Dad and you’re besotted with your little one, but you haven’t had a full nights sleep in weeks/months/years and you are achingly, bone-grindingly TIRED.

Then one morning you wake up. Instantly you know something is different because there’s sunlight streaming through the windows, as opposed to the black of night or grey haze of dawn you usually awaken to.

There’s a moment of panic and confusion – like you’ve overslept when you’re meant to be somewhere important. And then you realise… the baby is still asleep.

Now immediately lay back down and feel the serenity seep into your bones, because you’ve EARNED this one!

Jack 4 months old. This photo was taken at about 5.30 am and we had already been up for an hour by that time!

Jack 4 months old. This photo was taken at about 5.30 am and we had already been up for an hour by that time!

5. The supreme satisfaction derived from making fun of hipsters

Now this one may be a little unattractive. I mean, it’s really not nice to be sneery and superior and look down you’re nose at people, and usually I would advocate for kindness to our fellow humans in all situations

But Hipsters? Guys come on – I’m only human! And here in Brisbane we seem to have had a veritable Hipster EXPLOSION over the last 6 months. Seriously you can’t go out for a drink in some areas without having to swat your way through hordes of their self-aware, beardy and trilby hatted selves.

Look as I said – I’m on a budget and this one is both cheap AND fun!

So these are some of MY favourite things. But what about yours? I’m always in need of some fresh ideas… 🙂


19 comments on “These are a few of my favourite things

  1. Mystery Case says:

    Linking up for the first time and not sure that I’m completely on topic but it is a start at least. Will be more organised (including grabbing your button) next time.

  2. Emily says:

    Haha, love the list. Number four hit hard though – that happened to me just this week! He slept through Monday night and Tuesday night! I was so excited that last night I stayed up until 10.30! And then, of course…

  3. I am so with you in the comfy shorts! Mine used to be Dave’s and he never ceases to rub it in that a few years after we met I tried to throw them out! Now he says me in them and is all “Throw them out, she said. They’re a piece of shit, she said”. Yeah, well, they’re my piece if shot now so STFU!

    An in with ya on bagging hipsters too. Dickheads. Their all “Look at me, I’m a hipster, I know the real meaning of irony.”. Again, dickheads.

  4. Steve says:

    Honestly, My favourite things are STILL what they were when I was 16 and pretty much the same as yours was at 15 but Scotch instead of rum. Yes, I am and always will be, a man-child.

  5. Alison says:

    God, I love these. Especially “The exquisite guilt of found chocolate”. You have such a beautiful turn of phrase. But I am sorry to hear you have been housebound of late 😦

    Books have always been and always will be amongst my favourite things. Not e books, though the kindle is convenient and useful, but real books – which I can toss on the floor, in a bag, in my car and not worry about breaking or losing. Which never have a carbon footprint again once you buy them. Which will never have to upgraded. I still have Pooh Bears box of four books given to me by big brother when I was only 4 or 5, just imagine how many e readers I would have gone through in that time. E readers have a place (mainly for holiday packing if you have limited space or if you just cannot wait to read the words and don’t mind if that particular book doesn’t grace your shelf to be picked up and loved and admired in 20 years) and are better than no book, but books have my heart.

    And movies. On average I see two movies a month, though I did go 6 weeks recently without a trip to the films – the women who work there were worried about me 😀 That moment when I sit in the dark and the adverts finish and the movie rolls never fails to lift me out of this mortal realm and away from all my cares.

    I find sneery and superior highly palatable, providing it’s funny – and you are 🙂 Lovely to see you posting. Hope your health improves.

  6. robomum says:

    I’ve subdued my favourite things this week with a bit of a reality check that happened yesterday. But those comfy shorts… I can’t go past an elastic waistband! And a glass of plonk. Any kinda plonk – I’m not fussy. X

  7. Katyberry says:

    Waking up and realising that you’ve slept all through the night without interuption is priceless. Do you ever lie there thinking: maybe my children are dead? Fuck it, I’m not getting up to check.

    • Alison says:

      Haha! This, plus the comment about the iphone above made me laugh out loud. Not a bad way to start my day 🙂

  8. The Tunnel says:

    Hipsters, eh? (says the gentleman with the pork pie hat in his avatar.) Is 2013 the year that the term officially changed from underpants to young people with beards and/or granny glasses? Anyway, until I read about some cool new band on Pitchfork called “Found Chocolate”, I’m going to steer well clear of them.

    Hang on, I didn’t mean Pitchfork. I meant the music column of some respectable broadsheet newspaper that hipsters wouldn’t read. Ever.

  9. Mumabulous says:

    Great post. Laughing at hipsters is de rigueur in my suburb as there are plenty of them. There are more a few kms up the road in Malcom Turnbull’s electorate but we have our fair share. They balance out the sports candy. Excuse me whilst I put my daggy shorts on and head out to the gym.

  10. I’d take hipsters over the loud mouthed teenagers that grace the shopping centre here anyday! I remember the first time Dyllan slept through (he doesn’t really do it now ahhh I wish he was still 6 months old and loved sleep again) I crept into his room and stood there staring at him for the longest 10 seconds of my life to make sure he was breathing. Satisfied that he was, I took myself back to bed and got to sleep in until 630am!

  11. I’ve got my daggy pair of shorts. The difference is that I wear it outside the house. That’s what happens when you’re a man and you reach 40 – you just don’t give a f&*k anymore! 🙂

  12. LOL I have similar daggy shorts only brown. And love chocolate!!!!! IN peace!!!

  13. What a great list! I would add: the wonderful feeling of taking off your bra after a long day 🙂
    PS I’m still a little bit in love with Gilbert too!

  14. Sleeping children are some of my favourite things when It actually happens. But I’m with you my 12 year old self loved Anne and I cant wait to share those stories with my little girl.

  15. Yes, yes, yes, oh to have been paid when you forgot it was overdue or when a client finally gives you the $180 you have been waiting for for four months!!! And yes to the shorts, I actually have home and outside of home clothes, I shit you not. I change to head to supermarket, in fact anywhere out of the home, and when I come home I take off my ‘town clothes’ and get into my fat pants! I blame that on being bought up on a farm 🙂 I’m still chasing that elusive sleep beast. Miss 5 is fine, Mr nearly 4 is a shit head and up at 4.45am every morning and Mr 2 is in our bed during the night or up at 5am also – but I know it’ll get easier!
    When can I come up and drink with you and laugh at the hipsters?
    Em xx

  16. Awesome post and I can totally relate! Lol at the hipsters. We were in New Farm recently for afternoon coffees and I swear even some of the girls had beards.

  17. SarahD Nolan says:

    Thanks for the wicked laugh !! Love it all !

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