The Mission: Bloglovin here we come!

Alright, I’m going to ask you all to bear with me here for the next few minutes as I embark upon an extremely serious mission. 

This mission involves me going to a dark, scary place to attempt to do something that’s way beyond my capabilities.

That’s right people… I’m in THE BACK END!!!!!!!!

Of the blog that is. No need to freak out because you think I’m giving you a blow by blow of my Sunday night entertainment. You people and your dirty, dirty minds…

To be honest I’d rate my chances of success as marginal to say the least. The fact that it’s Sunday night, I’m knackered from doing shitty housework all day and, and I have no wine are all strong indicators on the side of failure.

However if, just IF, the manoeuvre I’m attempting to pull off is successful, then something wonderful will happen.

I’ll be part of the Bloglovin universe and I can expose a whole new audience to The Very Inappropriate Blog.

Hooray! My plans for world domination modest success will be one step further to fruition (Muhahaha ^^ !)

So anyway to complete the mission I’ve been instructed to paste some code into a new post. This is the tricky part, so here goes nothing…

<a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>


Phase 1 of the mission has been successfully completed,  but we won’t know the ultimate outcome until I hit publish.

So wish me luck… and for God’s sake after all this palaver PLEASE go and check out and follow The Very Inappropriate Blog.

Don’t let this enormous amount of fucking about be in vain 🙂 



6 comments on “The Mission: Bloglovin here we come!

  1. Oculus Mundi says:

    I don’t do Facebook. But am pleased to report that the link is working fine 🙂

  2. Rachel says:

    Thanks Alison 🙂 When I click it takes me straight to the blog page on Bloglovin. Did it ask you to log-in with Facebook when you clicked on it?

    • Oculus Mundi says:

      It did. But i just worked out that there was (much smaller) log in with email below, which I have now done. So, I am now following my blogs on Blog Lovin. Hopefully this will make it easier to keep up 🙂 Now I just have to get myself on there, if I can work out how 🙂

      • Rachel says:

        First you need to sign up but then you need to “claim” your blog! When you find it on Bloglovin you can claim it as your blog by pasting the code into a new post – which is essentially what I did with this post. You can do it as a link so it’s nice and neat – not like me 😉
        PS – I’m already following you… oooh I’m a stalker

  3. Me says:

    I think I made the switch on Friday – just not sure how to get it onto my blog !!!!!! I hate this back end stuff as I have to find someone who can help me everytime I want to make any changes.
    Have a great day !

  4. SlapdashMama says:

    Already done it dude!

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