A Man in a Million

When I started this blog I had very little idea about…

a) what I would write
b) who would read it
c) where it would eventually lead me

Weirdly enough a) and b) seem to be working themselves out on their own, which has given me faith that if I don’t worry too much about c) it will do the same .

But one of the very few things I WAS sure about was that I wanted to maintain a certain amount of “propriety” , for want of a better word, when talking about my family, friends or colleagues.

I realise that this is a term rarely heard outside of Jane Austen novels but I’ll try to explain.

Propriety Jane Austen Style

It’s not about privacy – because god knows if anyone was interested enough I’m sure they could even find out what colour undies I wear (to save you the trouble I favour black, sturdily designed ones from Target. Apart from a few cheeky little numbers I… never mind)!

It’s more about being aware that when I write about a person in my life I need to consider both their feelings and any potential IRL (in real life) consequences that may result. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, embarass anyone or accidentally drop them in the shit.

This propriety is even more important when it comes to my family – and in particular my partner Brook. So far he has only appeared in my second ever post as the hero who braves the wilds of Dan Murphy’s the night before Christmas to ensure we have booze for the festive season.

To be honest I didn’t really think he’d be interested in appearing further – in fact I thought he’d be grateful if I DIDN’T mention him any further.

But then there he started to ask some subtle questions.

For example after a I’d written my first Mind the Gap post…

Brook: I’m not in this this one either.

Me: *surprised* No you’re not.

Brook: Why haven’t you mentioned me?

Me: Well… because it’s a conversation between me and Oscar (our second child). You weren’t there when it happened.

Brook: Oh…

I sensed a faint disappointment but it still didn’t really register. Then I finally got around to doing my About page…

Brook: *indignant* I’m not in this one either!

Me: *patiently* No, that’s because it’s about ME.

Brook: But I’m your partner! How will people ever know that if you don’t mention me?

And then, finally, I got it. He didn’t care about any of that “don’t give too much away” crap that I’d been worrying about.

To him it was straightforward – he just wanted every single person in the big wide world of the internet to know he was my man.

Because he loves me. Because he’s proud of me. And also, I have a sneaking suscpicion, because he thinks that being on my blog may one day make him a famous on the internet.

God love him…

These three reasons alone are enough to make him a man in a million. But because he’s so awesome I’m going to share 5 more of them with you here.

WARNING: Anyone who doesn’t like soppy stuff should either bail now or grab a sick bag and hold on tight!

1. He’s a spunk.

Everyone has their one criteria for what makes a man (or woman for that matter) a spunk. Brook is totally my defnintion of a spunk because he embodies all my key criteria which are noted in the highly scientific diagram below…

Anatomy of Love

2. He’s great at what he does

There are some people out there who would thnk I’ve got it made becuase my partner is a chef. Yes he can do all the fancy stuff – he’s worked in some high end places here in Brisbane so he knows his fromage from his foie gras. I’ve had some divine birthday and anniversay dinners – once he even made me my very own croquembuche for a birthday cake!

The flipside is that the hours suck balls – he works nights and weekends which means I do a lot of solo parenting. I guess you can’t have everything otherwise there’d be nothing to moan about.

But what I love most about it is his passion. When he’s in the kitchen he’s totally in command – calm and focused and utterly in control. Even after knowing him for 12 years his knowledge and skill still impress me to this day. And believe me there’s nothing sexier than seeing someone you love do something extremely well!

3. He’s an awesome father

As well as our three sons, Brook also has a son and daughter from a previous marriage. He ADORES them all and what’s more he makes a consistent effort to spend time with each of them so that they can talk about the special things that are important to them.

When he listens to them he REALLY listens – as in he stops what he’s doing and gives them his unreserved attention. There is no easier and more effective way to make a child feel special and loved and all of them, from the 5 year old to the 17 year old, soak it up like sponges!

Brook also loves babies – I mean really loves them. Basically if it’s small and squishy with big wide eyes he goes from big tough chef to babbling baby-talker in seconds. A total sucker.

A few years ago we had to make the decision about whether we were going to have any more children. Here’s how it went…

Man in a million-1

Man in a million-2

Man in a million-3

Man in a million-4

4. He’s the Yin to my Yang

Right, I’m going to admit something here that may shock you deeply so I hope you’re ready…

I’m not always easy to live with.

I know, right? Difficult to believe but it’s true. It’s not because I’m a stroppy cow or because I have a nasty problem with wind.

What I can be though, is a little manic at times. Sometimes I get so caught up in all the “THINGS” that need to be done I lose my sense of perspective.

And I’ll be honest… sometimes I just lose my shit! On those rare occasions I can seem a little “bat-shit crazy”, complete with miniature devil horns sprouting from the to of my head.

Brook on the other hand has a naturally more laid back attitude which acts as a balance to my “do 3,000 things at once” approach. This can be frustrating at times – if the boys ask him if they can eat BBQ Shapes at breakfast time there is a possibility he may actually let them.

But he’s also fantastic at helping me restore perspective on those occasions when everything get’s too much, as I’ve illustrated below…


5. He leads the cheer squad

In anything I do, whether it’s work, parenting or even just keeping the house together, I know that he’s behind me 100%. He encourages me when things aren’t going well and if I succeed he’s there leading the cheer squad and saying to people “Isn’t she great?”.

Knowing he’s got my back in any situation is possibly the greatest feeling in the world. It give me the security, confidence and support to follow my dreams and I would be lost without it.

And finally a note to the man himself…

Babe, this post is my way of saying thank you. For everything you are and everything you do.

And most importantly… for being MY man in a million πŸ™‚


47 comments on “A Man in a Million

  1. SarahMac says:

    Rachel your graphics are so hilarious! Hilarious I tell you! Also, nice fella you got there. Also, nice Austen reference. Also, I am never bat shit crazy myself. Nope never. Also, you are very clever and will one day be queen of internetz. I had a vision the other day xx

    • Rachel says:

      Thank you – he’s a gem. I love doing the graphics even though they take me forever. If I become queen of the internets can I be like Lisa Simpson when she drank the water on the amusement ride? You know “I am the liazrd queeeen!”. Lastly, I have to call “liar, liar, pants on fire” about you not being batshit crazy.You so are – and that’s why I like you, you crazy onesie-wearing nutter

  2. Great pics, and a lovely tribute to your man. I also have to be careful about protecting the privacy of Mr almost 19 and my hubster, although Miss 16 is a happy collaborator on my blog πŸ™‚

    • Rachel says:

      Thanks Janet. The boys are aso keen to collaborate but I want to try and feature them only occasionally because I don’t want to fall into the trap of defining them with my writing when they are at such a suggestible age.

  3. Lydia C. Lee says:

    Lovely post – It’s nice he wants to be included. I’m very cautious with stories beyond my own, as I feel they’re not my stories to tell…but it’s interesting to consider if it means they feel left out…

    • Rachel says:

      Hi Lydia. Yes that’s exactly how I feel especially with the boys – I don’t want to share too many of their stories in case they start becoming self conscious about it.

      PS. Your last post about people who fall of the social media radar has stuck with me since last week. There are a few of my friends I’ve noticed have done this recently and I think it might be time to send them a message to see if their ok. So great job – you’ve made me think πŸ™‚

  4. mumabulous says:

    I feel the same way about Dadabulous. Another great post! I second Sarah (slapdash) Mac’s motion – VIAB for Queen of the Interwebs. All hail!

    • Rachel says:

      Thank you Mumabulous! Although if I do become queen I will need a Chief Minister of Hotties & Faffing. Yes those portfolios are destined to be linked in politics and I don’t know why no one has realised this before. You would be my natural choice – so what say you to a cabinet position πŸ™‚ ?

  5. Oculus Mundi says:

    Things that make you go awww… And yes, I am very careful not to name names and whatnot on my blog unless I have checked first, I always send the victim the link immediately so they can tell me if they want anything removed before the hits start coming in. Love your graphics too πŸ™‚

    • Rachel says:

      Thanks Alison πŸ™‚ I’m also from the “name no names” school and consult with the victim to ensure they are ok with my represntation of them. Glad you like the pics – if you’d stop changing your avi so much I could make one of you!

  6. Ness says:

    You sound like an awesome couple. Love the graphics too.

    My husband and boys not only have the thrill of being mentioned on my blog all the time, I also emphasise what classy bogans we all are. I’m sure they’ll thank me for it oneday.

    Agree with you becoming Queen of the Interwebs. x

    • Rachel says:

      Oh Ness you’re not really a bogan at all. Your just a genuine person trapped in a world where everyone is trying to out-irony each other. I love your blog and I’m sure all your men do too xx

  7. Mandy says:

    Haha lovely post that made me smile! I talk about my husband heaps and he really likes it too. I didn’t really expect it as you know, I thought my husband was ‘too cool’ to care about blogging. But yes, he really likes it. I guess it feels like some form of celebrity for him especially when people comment about him lol

    • Rachel says:

      Hi Mandy! It really took me by surprise that he was keen and once I realised I thought it was quite cute. Brook hasn’t read the comments yet but I’m sure he’ll be stoked just like your hubby is when people comment about him xx

  8. I adore this post! Yay for Brook – a whole post just for him! Love the little cartoons and I am especially dreamy over the idea that your partner is a chef! Oh the things you could eat! Josefa from #teamIBOT

    • Rachel says:

      LOL Josefa he is wonderful for special occasions but I have to disallusion you! Because he’s feeding paying customers most nights it’s ME who does most of the cooking at home. Luckily I enjoy it. But then there are days when he’s not working and I’ll come home and find he’s made something amazingly decadent like creme brulee or bouillebaise – and those days are very good indeed πŸ˜‰

  9. Kim says:

    GENIUS woman! I love your crazy eyes. And it’s just gorgeous that your man wants to be in your posts. True love. Mine doesn’t read mine, and it’s pretty damn hard to raise a chuckle out of him if I force him to read one. You’ve got a gem there. Great post, Queen Rachel! x

    • Rachel says:

      Thanks Kim πŸ™‚ Some days those crazy eyes are actually just my normal eyes – especially when I do daft things like stay up until 12.30am fiddling with autoshapes because it’s IBOT the next day!

      PS I’ve just been over and read your post – ZOMG I can’t believe you were in the radio!! Does this mean you’re a media startlet? I may be in the running for queen of the internet but you my friend are Queen of the Air Waves!! Congratulations – that radio station has excellent taste in talent πŸ˜‰

  10. We have to do ALL THE THINGS!!!! Ha ha ha ha. That’s me every weekend.

    • Rachel says:

      Hey Alex πŸ™‚ God yes!! I don’t know about you but it is a very rare occasion when I get them all done. I think that might because children go around creating new THINGS directly after you’ve finished doing the last lot! πŸ™‚

  11. From your description – your hubby looks A LOT like mine! And he sounds like awesome, and I also have a great man who puts up with some of my not so shit hot traits! GREAT post. I try and get the Husband in a few, I even put a photo of him in a few weeks back. Love your work Rach, Em x

    • Rachel says:

      How did I miss the photo? Oh well I’ll have to go nback and find it because like you I love to put faces to names. And yes, we really should get them together so they can counsel each other about the trials of living with highly strung women who also happen to be shit-hot in bed!!

      PS. Are you both kiwis? Brook is too πŸ™‚

      • Yes both Kiwis! I’ll forage around and find name of post and send. Has B agreed to a pic yet? I kinda did it then asked! X

      • Rachel says:

        Yes send it please! I’d love to have a look at him – he’s got to be some man if he managed to snare you Em!.

        I actually hadn’t broached the subject of a photo with him but I think he probably would say yes. He’s genuinely impressed that “actual” people come and read what I’ve written – he couldn’t quite believe it at first but now he has set up this scenario in his mind where I become a world-famous blogger and he becomes famous by default!
        You gotta love that kind of sparkly innocence hey ;P

      • I’ve told mine that I’ll totally be pulling in the big bucks one day! He laughs and so now I’m ΓΌber determined to do it… Slow and steady wins the race! x

  12. Totally get the yin to my yang……we are actually opposites but it works. Mostly.
    Your ‘doing things’ reminds me of someone….just can’t put my finger on it. πŸ˜‰

    • Rachel says:

      I find it both amazing AND frustrating to live with my opposite. But either way it’s never dull is it? I gues that’s what keep the spark alive πŸ˜‰

      The DO ALL THE THINGS phrase was originally created by Ally Brosch, author of the blog Hyperble and a Half. I have a link to her in my blog roll – she is my IDOL!

      Thanks for visiting Dannielle – I love your blog too xx

  13. Enid Bite'Em says:

    I love this post :). Also, Mr BE is a chef too, and it’s my birthday soon, THANKS FOR THE CROQUEMBOUCHE idea!!!! Not sure what Mr BE will think, but oh well, my birthday :), yay for me!

    • Rachel says:

      Hi Enid πŸ™‚ You should totally make him do it. And don’t let him fob you off by saying he dosent have the cone-shaped mould that you build it around. Brook nicked a traffic cone, covered it in tin foil and it worked like a charm!!

  14. Me says:

    What a great post. While he doesn’t look anything like my husband – he sounds like he could be him !!!! Anyone who has a partner as good as that is onto a fantastic thing !!!!
    I try to be very aware of what are my stories to tell and what stories are not mine to tell, A knows I have a blog but has never read it and, from what I can make, has no interest in it. That hasn’t stopped me from telling anyone who does read it about how good he is !
    Have a great week – love, hugs and positive energy !
    #IBOT visitor

    • Rachel says:

      Hello Me! Yes he really does support me with the blog which is grat as it does take up a fair bit of my already limited free time. So even though he’s always read and been interested in it I was still quite surprised he was keen to be IN it. Glad you’ve got a good one yourself- it makes all the difference doesn’t it? πŸ™‚
      You have a great week too xx

  15. Naawww. Such a cute post. Bet he is happy about this one πŸ™‚

  16. Marti says:

    Absolutely love your crazy pic and ‘have to do all the THINGS!’ That sounds soooo familiar. My husband is the opposite of your Brook- doesn’t want to be on my blog. So, of course, being the good wife I am I’ve written quite a bit about him!

    I don’t have time to blog often because I love to trawl around and end up spending my writing time reading other people’s writing… but there is so much to read! Bit like doing all the things really

    • Rachel says:

      Yes I’m a bit the same – I’ll be reading one of the blogs I follow and then I’ll see another blogger has made an interesting comment and so I’ll go and check out their blog… and so it goes on! It’s one of the best things I’ve discovered since I started my blog. There’s just so much brilliant stuff out there πŸ™‚

  17. Marti says:

    Oops… premature enter! Also wanted to ask whether you need to be a WordPress blogger to add to your community on sidebar?

    • Rachel says:

      Hmmm I’ve just gone into my “back end” (sounds dirty doesn’t it!) to have a look at the community widget and it says that it displays a random selection of people who are active on the blog. But that said, it doesn’t seem to change despite the activity so I don’tknow if it’s a bit dodgy. From having a quick look most of the ones displayed are WordPress bloggers but there are also some people that follow by email so I’m really not sure.

      I’m still on wordpress hosting at the moment but am looking to go self hosted soon and will be able to customise things more. In the meantime how about I add you to my blogroll? Let me know if your happy for me to do that xx

      • Marti says:

        Laugh! I try to avoid the back end of my blog too! Am happy for you to add. Was interested because I think blogger then links blogs I follow back to my profioe page so I use that as my feed. But I’m fine to keep receiving posts by email instead. I use my blog roll as a feed as well. Jaysus- if you’d asked me five years ago about blog rolls I would’ve looked at you strangely and suggested a 12 pack of Sorbent!

  18. I love it – especially “Can we get a puppy” haha

  19. Robo says:

    I love a good happy relationship. And I love a positive post about a good happy relationship. The crazy eyes in your ‘perspective’ poster look somewhat familiar.

  20. I absolutely love the look of your blog, especially the graphics. A chef! Ah… one can only dream.
    Really enjoyed reading this!

  21. Kate - QTQF says:

    Awww, this is so nice. He can definitely walk around with his chest puffed out a little bit now. Sounds like a keeper for sure πŸ™‚

  22. Renee says:

    Yay for Brook! He finally has his name up in lights πŸ™‚ Have you written about him more since? I fear that I go on about my hubby too much. He doesn’t mind, but I’m probably boring the rest of the world with it! πŸ™‚

  23. Love the pics and you rwriting is outstanding. That’s one lucky chef out there

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