Mind the gap # 1

Mind the Gap sign on the edge of a London Underground Tube station's platform

In the vast majority of my daily interactions with the boys I’m barely aware of the generation gap between us.

Like Phil Dunphy I too text LOL and WTF (why the face?). I make an effort with technology, which in my house means looking at endless mine-craft structures on our computer.

But every now and then this usually insignificant gap widens into a roaring chasm, and differences between the world today and the one I grew up in smack me fair in the face.

Since I think we’re probably going to have many more of these moments as the years go by I thought I’d number them to see how many I actually end up with.

So to get started here’s one that happened today…

I think I actually had this poster! The Violent Femmes - looking suitably "indie" as was de riguer at the time.

I think I actually had this poster! The Violent Femmes – looking suitably “indie” as was de rigueur at the time.

1# Violent Femmes vs Psy

We’re in the car this morning listening to Nova 106.9 and they’re having some sort of “old school” day in honour of Australia Day (no, I didn’t get the connection either).

Anyway the next song they announce is “Blister in the Sun” by the Violent Femmes. As anyone who was around in the late 80’s / early 90’s would know no school disco or party was complete until this song had been played at least once, if not more.

So the conversation went something like…

ME: Oh my God this is an AWESOME song!! I haven’t heard this in years. They used to play this at every school disco Mummy went to, and everyone used to dance around like crazy. It was a HUGE hit!

OSCAR: Oh… (thinks deeply for a second clearly not understanding my excitement)

OSCAR: Did it get more YouTube views than Psy?

ME: Well no, but … there wasn’t… we didn’t have…

OSCAR: Becuase Psy has the record for the most views EVER. Even more than Justin Bieber, and he got like one trillion YouTube views.

ME: *puts head on steering wheel in despair*

One trillion YouTube views and still a wanker...

One trillion YouTube views and still a wanker…

How do I explain that no matter how many YouTube views Psy gets it will NEVER be enough to make him less of a wanker?

P.S. – For anyone who’s never hear the song (or heard of Violent Femmes for that matter) there’s a link from the picture to check them out. It’s a pretty crappy live recording so probably better to look them up on iTunes or Spotify for the album version.


4 comments on “Mind the gap # 1

  1. Shaz says:

    Oscar, the real question is “will they still be playing Gangnam style at weddings and discos in 30-40 years time?” I think not.

  2. Rachel says:

    Totally agree Shaz! At least… I hope they won’t be still playing it then. Best case scenario is that it sinks into obscurity, only to resurface on one of those “One Hit Wonders” compilation albums.

  3. Kaz says:

    Psy = sigh

  4. […] example after a I’d written my first Mind the Gap […]

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