Shopping Substitute

Well three days after Christmas and I’m officially broke. Totally, bone-crunchingly skint. I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’ve been quietly hemorrhaging cash like some sort of leaky credit wagon since the calendar ticked over into December.

And this would be fine – I mean there’s still enough left-over Christmas ham to see us through for a good few weeks – except for the fact that it means that I miss out on the Boxing Day sales. Not for me the push and shove at the David Jones 50% off rack, or the steely eyed bargaining over electronics at RT Edwards.

But… instead of giving in to self-pity and wallowing around like a grumpy walrus (thanks to the afore-mentioned Christmas ham) I have found a solution!!!!


It’s Pinterest – the perfect shopping substitute for the “credit-challenged” or just plain broke. For those of you not convinced, here’s how it works…

1. No crowds – which means not having to put up with hordes of crazed fellow consumers careering around your local Westfield like psychotic wildebeest.

2. No spending – which means no post purchase guilt and credit card repayments which are not mistaken for the debt of a small independent republic

3. Unlimited choice – if you follow any number of the zillions of popular fashion pinners on Pinterest you will be inundated with a selection of clothes, shoes, accessories and jewelery that is so much nicer than the “reduced to clear” tables offered by pressured retailers. Or if electronics, technology or homewares are your thing you can get the jump on the next big thing – without the expense!

4. Almost identical rush – now I’m no bio-chemist or molecular scientist, but the feeling I get when I find something awesome on Pinterest is exactly the same “gotta have it” feeling I get when I see something gorgeous in a shop. And I’d put it out there that “pinning” said item is nearly as satisfying as the post-purchase euphoria you get with real shopping.

Look I’m not saying it’s perfect. After all you’ll always be able to taste the difference between Coke and Diet Coke.

But what I am saying that if you can’t have the real thing then Pinterest is a very satisfying second. Not only that – you can go back to all those things you pinned when you get paid for an instant “must buy” list

It’s like lay-buying your future fabulousness today!

Now if you’ll excuse me… there are some sequined skirts with my name on them that need to be pinned to my “My Style” board, stat!


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